April showers bring great birds

<Banded Canidan Goose RY14>

<Northern Shoveler and passing Muskrat >

<A far off shot of a male Red-breasted Merganzer>

                A local hot spot that never ceases to amaze in migration is Collins Lake in Schenectady co. NY.  Often referred to as the Patagonia Picnic Table Effect.  Its when birders travel to a local birding spot to see a rarity for their region only to find that rare and 5 more.

              We first went looking for a Bonaparte’s Gull and Loons that had been reported.  Luckily we did get one of the last look at the gull but no Loons for us.  But after a second try . . .  (still no Loons) we hit the jackpot for our neck of the woods with great views of a Eurasian Wigeon!!! Along with Surf Scoter, Northern Shoveler, Red-breasted Merg, Hooded Merg,  Bufflehead, lots of Pie-billed Grebes, and a very happy Osprey.   There were lots of fish to be had and it was great fun for all the local birders to watch the wide variety of birds catch fish from the small lake.

  <Red-bellied Woodpeacker nest, and Eastern Bluebird>

    Our Next day of birding was Easter day and we were out in southern Albany co.  at Danika’s familys home.  While we havent gotten a huge push for migration yet we did get great looks at some of our early birds and hardier birds.  Such as Vesper Sparrow, Tree Swallow, Bank Swallow, Barn Swallow, Northern Roughwinged Swallows, Spotted Sandpiper, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and great looks at a new Red-bellied nest.

      But I am happy to say there is a huge front due in tonight and we have high hopes for a big fall out come Tuesday morning and we will be there to meet it!


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