So How Have You Been?


Well I’ve now been unemployed for just over 3 months now.  I have applied regularly to just about any job that pops up on my radar as me having any interest in, but so far have gotten very few bites.  It’s a tough economy out there.  Add  in the fact my wife has had her work load drastically reduced, meaning she is some weeks not working at all, has but a lot of stress on our family.  But we are getting by.

You would think with all this free time, I would have had more time for blogging and birding, but honestly don’t want to waste the gas!  And its hard to write and be motivated when it seems like things are stacked against you.

But honestly, I miss blogging about birds.  Heck I miss birding in general.  So I’m forcing myself to get going on the blog again and get out of the house more, even if it means sitting in the backyard with binoculars and a camera until the neighbors call the police on me.  Maybe If I start thinking more positive, good things will happen.

Worth a shot right?

Good Birding!


2 responses to “So How Have You Been?

  1. What???!!

    Not just Corey but you, too?

    Yuck, this sucks.
    Good luck, mate, and all the best!
    Birds always help, even backyard birds, and as I have told Corey: I am a firm believer that all will be fine. Always. No matter what happens.

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