*Looks around at all the dust that has accumulated on this blog*

Well a lot has happened over the last few weeks.  School finished up, the Softball season ended (with Sophia’s Team Champions) and after a valiant effort to save funding for my job, we lost and I was sadly laid off in mid-July. (Stupid Governor Patterson).

The bad news is, I’m out of a job… the good news in the short term is that I’ll have more time for birding and blogging!

This morning Danika, Sophia and I chased a SNOWY EGRET that had been reported at the Cohoes Flats (Albany County, NY) yesterday.  We did not relocate the bird or any Egrets, or even a Great-Blue Heron!  We did have a bunch of Killdeer, Canada Geese molting, Mallards, a Yellowlegs Sp. (flew off before I could get it in the scope) and quite a few adult Ring-billed and Herring Gulls.  Also present were Cedar Waxwings, American Crows, Rock Pigeon, Chimney Swifts and a singing House Finch.

Talked to a fisherman who reported a Juvenile Bald Eagle earlier in the morning, no doubt keeping things stirred up a bit.

So here is to taking the lemons life gives you and making lemonade!


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