To Corey, Nate and Patrick

Dear Corey, Nate and Patrick:

Sure, your kids are cute now.  But just wait, in a brief moment your little bundle of fun, will turn into a birders worst nightmare.

Have you ever wondered why my blog gets updated so infrequently?  Or why Jochen is reduced to simply being 10,000 Birds #1 fan?  The following image may shock you, so be prepared.

This gentlemen, is what I get to deal with, when I go birding:

Soon you will all understand… Bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahah!


8 responses to “To Corey, Nate and Patrick

  1. Brilliant. Exactly. I would only venture to add your best laid plans to turn your progeny into birders, or even birding-friendly companions, from day 1 will be foiled. I’m sorry to report that is an inescapable truth.
    Sporadic blogger, current parent, and still waiting for just a bit more independence,


    This is why Desi has “Shearwater” in his name; he has no choice but to take up birding because every other peer group will mock him mercilessly.

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