Opposable Chums: Guts & Glory at the World Series of Birding

I know I’m behind the times with this movie, but I recently purchased and watched it.  And I must say I was embarrassed, embarrassed because I knew the feelings of the groups in the Movie.

I have done my share of “Big Days” and “Birding Competitions” and have felt the tiredness, adrenaline rush and general loopiness that comes with doing one of these events.  The movie captured all this perfectly.  In particular I thought the interview with the Cape May cop was priceless!

At a little over an hour, this DVD is perfect for showing my mother in-law what I do when she takes the kids for a weekend.  I also got a kick out seeing someone, I’ve at least met, Kevin McGowan from Cornell.  Just last summer I was able to get him on the Montgomery County, NY Mississippi Kite and then gave him directions back to Albany (I assume he got there…I hope).

Anybody who is crazy enough to do these 24 hour competitions will enjoy this movie, the interviews with Kenn Kaufmann, Pete Dunne and David Sibley are excellent as well.

For more information or to purchase the DVD, check out the Opposable Chums web site today!


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