A Big “NO!” to Governor Patterson’s Cuts

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the economy stinks right now.  But what Governor Patterson is asking could put thousands of people at risk of losing their services.  He is proposing a $65 Million Dollar cut to OMRDD, which could threaten the very services disabled persons in New York State rely upon to live.  These people are being targeted because they can’t vote, so Governor Patterson feels it is ok to take money from them, because they won’t hurt him at the polls.  Guess again Governor.

Personally this affects my youngest daughter, who’s school could possibly face closing or a shorter school week because of the cuts. When she started there, she did little, could not walk, could not hold a bottle.  Now after 2 years at the Center, not only has she learned to walk on her own, she has grown in every way and has accomplished more than we had hoped for.  This happend in large part to her going to the Center 5 days a week for a full day for intensive therapies with qualified staff.  Cuts to staff means a cut to therapies and the potential that the progress my daughter has made could be lost.  In addition the Center for Disability Services is one of the LARGEST employers in the Capital District, and they have already suffered massive cuts, no raises, no cost of living increases at a time when people could really use them.

Times are tough, but that is no excuse to pull the services of New York State’s most vulnerable Citizens!


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