Yet Another Rare Bird!

Well maybe not.  But its sort of cool looking anyway.  For the last few days, what appears to be a Budgerigar has been visiting my feeder.  Now, Albany, New York is not a place you would typically expect to find any kind of Parrott, but this one has taken command of a flock of House Sparrows.  The Sparrows no doubt provide protection, while the Budgy gets to feed at the feeder.  Obviously there is a pecking order as ALL the House Sparrows feed on the ground.  I wonder how long it can survive.

Also, I have yet to personally see this bird.  EVERYONE else in my family has seen it, but me.  Go figure.

Click on the images for a larger view.


2 responses to “Yet Another Rare Bird!

  1. Yup. Budgie all right.

    For some reason, escaped Budgies gravitate to House Sparrow flocks. It may be the similarities of their call notes.

    It’s doubtful it will survive the winter.

    Try enticing it to your hand somehow. I’ve seen that work with other escaped pet birds. Or, I have a capture cage that could help.

    Once I was at a traffic light when a bird was flapping on the windshield of cars going in the other direction stopped at the same light. I went over and simply picked a Cockatiel off the wipers of a van – much to the surprise of the occupants. It was a very friendly household pet that had gotten separated from its caregivers. I couldn’t locate its original home so I gave him to a friend who too great care of it.I think the bird recognized that there were people in the van and was simply trying to reconnect. Glad I was there to sort it all out.

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