And we’re back!

At least to a somewhat regular blog update schedule.  But while you are waiting for more exciting blog posts, be sure to check out the pages on the page here, most of them are still “works in progress”, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time updating them and will have more updates on them as we go.

I’ve added 2 more blogs to the blogroll.  If you are casual blog reader, you’ll love Jochen’s Bell Tower Birder  Blog, as he seems to update his blog only during the waning phase of harvest moons.  While he only posts  infrequently, they tend to be real gems.  Plus you will often find Jochen spreading his famous German humor (oxymoron?) on blogs such as this one.

The other blog is the Picus Blog.  Not only are they located close to me (well sorta) in Massachusetts, but are always having local adventures with all the birds that make living in the Northeast worthwhile.  Plus they have a lot of pictures (usually) and always a good tale to tell.

So be sure to check back and see all the of the great things, tales, adventures, rants we have in store from you!  Also be sure to check the author, as it’s not just me anymore, but my wife Danika add her thoughts and opinions from time to time.

Good Birding!


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