Puzzle # 3

Here is another one from Bird Brain Teasers by Patrick Merrell (where the previous 2 puzzles came from as well)

A Common Eurasian Blackbird is missing from this pangram (a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet at least once).  See if you can figure out which species it is.




Good Luck!


3 responses to “Puzzle # 3

  1. That’s fun. I figured it out, but will wait to post since it’s been up for like 5 minutes. I once went to Brigantine here in NJ and someone had written this species into the log. Also, this is a species I somehow missed in my brief trip to Belgium.

  2. Hmmm. The Canadian solves another.

    Yes Jackdaw was the answer!

    @ Patrick, how did you miss this species in Belgium? As for the Brigantine report… You never know. I do believe Jackdaws had colonized part of the Canadian maratimes at one point and there are at least a few scattered records from the Northeast, so I guess its possible.

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