Rare Gull vs Ice Cream Eater


I found this interesting little article in the Albany, NY Times Union this morning.


Apparently a group of gulls, including a  Heermann’s Gull attempted to steal Ice Cream from a couple from Kansas.  The wife was supposedly hit in the head and the man found out why bird watchers wear hats while birding at the beach.  Enraged he picked up a stick and started beating the birds, striking the Heermann’s Gull, breaking a wing.  The bird later had to be put down.

He was cited and released on suspicion of Animal Cruelty, but now he gets to be known as the guy who beat a Heermann’s Gull to death.  Congratulations!

According to the article, Audubon estimates there are only about 525,000 (well 524,999 now) Heermann’s Gulls left and the species is on the Audubon watch list.


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