2009 Region 8 Big Year

Yeah, I know I’ve started one last year, but then real life got in the way.  With my life having some semblance of order right now (knock on wood), I’ve decided to embark on a Big Year in NYS Kingbird Region 8.  To help you, my loyal readers follow along, I’ve started a page, which I will update frequently.  My goal for the year is 230 species, which will require a lot of work and determination, but since I can get to all four corners of the region in one hour by car, it makes chasing rare birds (if any show up) a much more appealing task then saying driving to Long Island or Buffalo.

I was sort of luke warm to the idea for the last couple of weeks, but then unknown to me Jory (The Quizmaster at 10,000 Birds) and Rich Guthrie  put up a post on the Hudson-Mohawk Birds List-Serv, attempting to enlist others into the same quest.  Of course that was all the motivation I needed and here I am.

So like many others who have done this before me, be sure to check back here for updates and I’m sure a few adventures along the way!


One response to “2009 Region 8 Big Year

  1. I was looking for snowy owls, that I had seen in early january, in the Ft. Edward area, Washington county saw a pintail, malards, black duck, mergansers, all in a farmer pond on route 22 south of Granvile and turkeys. Good luck on your search

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