Downtown Albany Snowy Owl Cause of Death

The one Snowy Owl in the Capital District it seems I haven’t seen this winter (and certainly won’t now), has died.  It apparantly died last Sunday or Monday and was found on the rooftop of a building in downtown Albany near the DEC building.

According to an article in the Albany, NY Times Union, DEC Wildlife pathologist Ward Stone reports:

“It had a lot of mouth lesions, which is caused by the trichomonas parasite,” Stone explained. “It was probably acquired from eating a pigeon with a pathogenic strain.”

Just goes to show how tough a life these birds have, to travel thousands of miles south of their homes in the Arctic only to eat a bad Pigeon.  I also believe the Pigeon was likely sick, thus easier for the Owl to catch (Being a young bird, it might not have been the best hunter).  While the Pigeon population of Albany may be healthier today, the world has one less beautiful Snowy Owl.


4 responses to “Downtown Albany Snowy Owl Cause of Death

  1. I live in Columbia County and have a snowy owl that apparently has taken up residence behind my house. I believe it is a male from the research I have done….I am not much of a bird-watcher but it caught my eye one day, because it was so huge. Anyway….. if this is of interest to anyone, feel free to email me.

  2. My husband works at the Albany Airport – I guess there’s been a snowy owl perching on the top of the control tower for the last couple of weeks. The airport authority has tried to scare it off because of fear of it getting caught up in an airplane engine, but it just keeps coming back!

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  4. I seen this same Owl, downtown Albany, N.Y. it was all white in the front, from what I can see maybe brown tan-ish in the back when it flew away but, looking down off the Greyhound Bus Station. I couldn’t believe it, I told people and there looking, like yeah whatever!!!!!

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