Just When You Thought…

… Things are finally going your way, life has a way of looking you square in the eyes, then kicking you in the balls.

Sure I have been very busy with Christmas Bird Counts, not to mention work and oh yeah, The Ice Storm.  But worst of all, my daughter Lillian has begun having seizures.  Currently we think we know what the triggers are, so all we have to do is avoid them right?  Yeah, you try doing that around the holidays.  Only a week before Christmas and everyone in the house is on pins and needles, never knowing when a seizure is going to strike, how severe it will be or if it will stop.  Since before Lillian was born, Christmas has been a horriblely unlucky holiday for us.  I am really starting to dread this time of year.

But I did get lucky and added a new species to a CBC that has been in operation for nearly 50 years, so that was impressive.

So I’m around and I’ll be back, when I dunno.

Happy Holidays to all, hope they go better than mine!

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