De Blob – Wii

Last Saturday after Sophia’s soccer game, I took her and Lillian (her sister) out to lunch.  Afterwards I had promised we could stop at the store and get her the new Tinkerbelle movie she wanted, but after arriving at Toys-r-us, we discovered it didn’t come out until the following Tuesday.  Bored, we walked over to the video game section, where a Nintendo rep had a couple of Wii’s set up for people to demo.  I’m surprised that after nearly 2 years, people are still curious about this system and that many stores still have trouble keeping them in stock. 

But this reminded us that we had a Wii.  It had been sitting neglected in a laundry basket in our living room for nearly 2 months (since Sophia took it to Grandma’s one weekend).  Since the forecast was for heavy rain that afternoon, her and I took a look around. 

I checked out the PS3 games but was not impressed.  I just don’t use the console as much since I got hooked on DDO.  Sad as it may seem!  I still have games I haven’t finished (Oblivion comes to mind…)  The Wii we have quite a few games for, but we again haven’t used the system and honestly no one in the house missed it.  Sophia and I however looked through the games and we found one, De Blob that we both that would be interesting to play.  Lucky for us, the Nintendo Rep gave us a coupon for $10 off the game and we were sold.

Now the game is pretty typical of a platformer.  Essentially you play “De Blob” and your goal is to color your city, which has been taken over by the ink corporation who want everything black and white.  You move the Blob around, picking up colors and then hitting buildings to color them.  The more buildings you color, the more points you get.  As the game goes on there are more obstacles, such as water which takes away your color or ink which slowly kills your life, unless you can, ironically find some water!

There are a lot of different challenges and mini-games to play, such as paint 10 buildings orange, well to make orange you have to search out some yellow and some red and then avoid anything else which might change your color while you attempt to complete the challenge.

There are some humorous cut scenes, but there is very little story.  The game is fun to play and unlocking the different maps and challenges is fun.  Use of the Wii controller makes sense (it does use the nunchuck) and is a good game for people who are not good with games.  Within seconds you are playing, and playing well.

Even with the free paint modes, this game seriously lacks replay value, even if there were other difficulty modes, you would be hard pressed to want to play it.

I love the concept of this game, I like the way it works and for a Wii game, looks really good!  But, repetitive levels and lack of any other interesting features or modes, seriously hurt this game.


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