E-Bird and Bird Records

I remember when E-Bird  first came out and I remember thinking it was a great idea.  Here was an idea that would nearly be the death of all telephone dial-a-birds or Rare Bird Alerts.  When it first started going live, I played around with it since I was looking for something to store my records.  However I was quickly disappointed with the data that was being collected (Gray Jays in the Bronx?  I think not).  It was clear the system worked, but that the editing and review process had to be refined to make the system of any use.

Fast forward a couple of years and every time I saw him, Rich Guthrie would tell me to submit my reports to E-Bird.  Since I already had another program in which to keep my records, I didn’t see the need to spend half my evenings doing data entry and I ignored it for the most part.

Still on all the various list-servs I subsribe to, I saw more and more people using E-Bird  to record and report their sightings.  Then only a few weeks ago, and the dreaded hard drive failure happened to me.  While I was able to rescue my birding files, I haven’t been able to get the program up and running again!  As many of you know I took a several month break from birding anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal, but now that I’m back in the saddle so to speak, I need to be able to record my trips again.  And E-Bird  was ready for me.

So I go through the whole registering process  (it’s FREE), look through the maps and locations, find the one I was at and entered in my data.  What has really improved is the features, which allow me to keep National, State and County Life Lists with little or no effort.  I haven’t checked all the features out yet, but so far it is MUCH improved from what I remember.

So whether your bird a lot or a little, be sure to check out E-Bird  and register and start submitting your checklists!


2 responses to “E-Bird and Bird Records

  1. I am still not using Ebird. Like you, I browsed it years ago. At that time I found it awkward, cumbersome and not worth the effort it would take. I have all of my records in the Cornell spiral bound books. But a lot of people are moving in that direction.

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