DDO Mod 7 “The Way of the Monk”

A couple of weeks ago, Turbine Entertainment released its 7th free ‘expansion’ for Dungeons and Dragons OnLine.

The main thrust of this Mod was to release the new playable class, Monk.  Now I have only briefly played around with a Monk and I haven’t made up my mind whether I like them or not.  At least in the early going they have been fun to play, but I’m not sure what their worth is, they can’t tank like a fighter or a barbarian, can’t disarm traps, don’t really heal or buff the party and don’t really cast spells.  I have seen some builds which have been awesome, but most have been so-so.  I won’t deny a Monk from joining my groups, but I don’t specifically look for one either.  They appear they could be a great solo character.

The other major part of the Mod was the re-doing of the Three Barrel Cove area in the game.  This area was rather dull, huge open space with very little to do.  The quests scattered about were quirky, but not really worth running for many players.  They neither had good loot, experience and most of them were truly frustrating.

The developers have completely re-done the area and it is amazing.  Not only is it pretty to look at, but the slayers/rares and Explorers are challenging and fun to run, even on a higher level character.  The three new quests are a puzzler’s dream, with one quest standard (run through kill boss at end), one quest you can do either way (kill the boss or do the puzzle) and one that is one giant puzzle (and is fun as hell).  This so far has been my favorite update with this mod and I have spent many hours with my guild here.

There are of course countless and numerous minor changes to the game, mostly spell or class specific.

Over all I think this is one of the best Mod’s yet.  I joined the game shortly after Mod 5 was released, so my experience was limited.  Mod 6 opened up some nice new raids and a really fun ‘live’ event which featured the Marketplace tent blowing up.  They have even incorporated some of the debris from that event into the new area, which I think is really cool.

Overall I think they did a really good job with this Mod, although those of us in the mid levels didn’t get much help, as much of 3B Cove is lower level stuff and they of course added some new raids and areas for all the capped level 16’s.

Overall an 8 out of 10.

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One response to “DDO Mod 7 “The Way of the Monk”

  1. A high-level monk was pretty bad ass back in my days of playing the table-top D&D. They kicked some butt with the quivering palm. Hmm… monk… quivering palm… sounds like the Catholic Church. 🙂

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