Nintendo Wii

Since this new fangled contraption came out, my oldest daughter Sophia has wanted one.  Each birthday and Christmas since, when asked what she would like, the answer was always “A Wii!”.  Most of the time we didn’t have the money and the things are never available anyway, so it was always easy to say, “Sorry, maybe next time.”

So when her birthday rolled around again this past May, we once again asked the question, what would you like to have for your birthday, the answer was once again a Wii.  This time things were different, we had just received our economic stimulus package and actually for once had the money, some phone calls were made and it was discovered that our local Toy’s-R-Us would have a shipment on the 18th.  Good, since the 17thwas Sophia’s Birthday and I was, well busy doing a Century Run with Corey from 10,000 Birds, I figured this would make up for me not being around that day.

We didn’t tell Sophia we were planning on getting one.  Since the family party was on the 18th anyway, we got up early took her to breakfast and a local diner and got over to Toys-R-Us before they opened.  To our surprise there was already a line, but not too long.   Sophia thought she was there to pick out a present, when she noticed the big sign on the door that said “We have Wii”, she turned to Danika and said “Hey look Mom, they have Wii’s!”.  Danika replied “I know.”  It was at that time that Sophia but two and two together and her face lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July.

$500 and one birthday party later, we had our shiny new Wiiset up.  First off it is a tiny system, it looks absolutely tiny compared to my behemoth Playstation 3.  Of course the Wii Remote and nunchuck controllers are a bit clumsy to get used to (especially if you are used to more traditional controllers).  But all things considered it was a breeze to get set up.  Once Sophia was finished making her “Wii Me” they cartoon character that represents you in games etc. We put in WiiSports which comes with the system.

First up was Bowling.  And I was hooked.  Once I got the handle on the controls, it was better than actually going bowling.  Even my parents who hate video games and are both pushing 60 tried it and had fun, which I think it the major benefit of this system.  Whether you are 60 or 6, you can have fun.  Other sports include Baseball, Tennis, Golf and Boxing.  Sophia liked Boxing because it is very active.

On the plus side the system is small, runs very quiet and not hot.  I have found the motion sensing controller to be very responsive for the most part, although I have found the effective range of them to be somewhat limited.  We got the rechargeable battery pack and thus I can’t comment on regular battery life in the controllers.

Graphically the system is crisp, but not next generation.  What it lacks in graphics it makes up in innovative game-play and the potential is there for more creative and innovative games down the line.

The negatives to the system, is that it is not next generation.  You won’t see stunning graphics or animation.  The system right now has a lack of unique titles for it.  Sure you have Mario this and Mario that, but few exclusives and other than Zelda Twilight Princess no proven winner of a game.  The system also does not have much value other than being a gaming system, it doesn’t play DVD’s and I haven’t even bothered to check out its on-line capabilities.

I really like the system, it has been a blast to play, but one wonders without at AAA title, how long before the novelty wears off.  Apparently not so yet as these systems continue to fly off the shelves and demand remains high.  I highly recommend the system, but not as a primary system.  I would still recommend the PS3, if for nothing else its Blue-Ray technology.  If you haven’t watched a Blue-Ray movie on an HD TV, then you truly haven’t lived yet.

For more reviews, check out my brothers review here.

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One response to “Nintendo Wii

  1. I finally got around to actually playing something other than Wii Sports, namely, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

    I have not gotten very far in it. Heck, I’m still in the Resiodent Evil 0 portion. The bosses ain’t easy to take out on your own. Some interesting twists on the usual rail shooter genre in it. I definitely need to get a GunCon holder for the Wii mote. Be more “natural” while playing.

    I’ll bring it over next time we get together.

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