McCain and the Anit-Beer Vote

Republican bloggers, epecially those assocated with my brothers blog Armchair Everything, absolutely are beside themselves whenever Barrack Obama mis-speaks or says the the wrong the thing.  Well I’m sorry guys, but McCain did one doozy of blunder today, sure he corrected himself but no really listened after that point anyway (Does anyone listen to his speeches?  If you do raise your thumbs up, I would say raise your hand but, since McCain can’t it would be a little awkward and unfair to him).

Getting back to his speech, McCain woke his sleepy crowd with the following line (as reported by CNN)

“I will veto every beer…”

Like a good republican blog, i see no reason to put that quote in context, only to high-lite it and exploit it whenever possible.  This was a long windeded speech on standard party drivel anyway, most Americans and it appeared most of his audience could care less.

So sit back and have a beer tonight, after all if McCain is elected, you don’t know how many more you might get to drink.

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