It’s What???

Okay, so by now you have noticed.  I haven’t done a true blog post since April 3 when I was still in Florida.

Well we made it back from Florida, only to find out our disabled daughter had lost her health insurance because my wife and I make, yup $6 too much per month.  Just when we felt we were starting to make it, she was forced to leave her job and we took another hit.

To make matters worse, my boss came into the office one day shortly after I got back and said he didn’t feel well, he went to see his doctor and never returned.  Turns out he had end stage Pancreatic Cancer which had spread to his LIver and Lungs.  This man was everything to the Museum I work for.  For the last two weeks, myself along with the rest of the staff have been pouring over documents, getting things moved into position for when the end comes, and sadly its coming soon, the Board of Trustees will now what the heck is going on.

What that means is that there has been very little time for anything else, no birding, no blogging.  We have just been going day to day for the last month.

The good news is we got the health insurance back and have started the paper work to get Lillian on SSI and Disability payments to supplement our income without it counting against us.  It will also allow us to keep Lillian at home, until she is old enough to go to a center based program.

Warblers are here, migrants are flying by, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to get out there.  Soon though, and when I do get back out there… I’ll let you know what I saw.

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3 responses to “It’s What???

  1. It’s hard being with a small private museum. A similar incidence happened locally with the Raleigh City Museum last year, some people I know were on the outs due to no fault of their own, it can be frustrating. Makes me glad the one I work for is run by a university.

    Good luck through hard times. Take care of your own, the birds will always be there.

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