The Magic Kingdom of Birding

Yesterday we took the kids to Disney World and the Magic Kingdom.  The weather was beautiful, in the 80’s and mostly sunny.  Since our youngest daughter can’t stand or walk, we were able to get a handicapped sticker which allowed us to skip a lot of the lines (or at least take the stroller when most people couldn’t) and we took full advantage of it.  As a result we had a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Birds were slow, since the park was so busy, a lot of birds kept clear.  But on the ride in a group of 7 Wood Storks (a lifer) were along the roadside and a scattering of Cattle Egrets.  In the park, Mallards were common and I was able to get a life Eurasian Collared Dove, which attempted to steal my sandwich.  A few Great Egrets stalked their favorite prey, French Fries and of course White Ibis.  An Osprey entertained people by plunging in the small lake near the park and Boat-Tailed Grackles were numerous.  A few Anhinga and Double-Crested Cormorants flew over as well.

Below are some White Ibis pictures, but today we are off to St. Marks NWR near Cape Canaveral, in search of Florida Scrub Jay.

White Ibis at Magic KingdomWhite Ibis at Magic Kingdom

White Ibis at Disney World

White Ibis at Magic Kingdom


2 responses to “The Magic Kingdom of Birding

  1. I got my life Common Moorhen, White Ibis, and Anhinga at the Magic Kingdom. I even saw baby Moorhens at Epcot, which were really cute black fuzzballs. Good luck with the jays!

  2. If you are ever down here in Honduras ill give you Wood Storks as youve never seen em before…last place I went to the place I saw 300 Wood Storks in one morming and 4 Jabiru…that was a good morning for birding…

    Good Birding!

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