Here We Go!!!

Well the bad news is that it snowed several inches today here in Albany and made for a very slow and messy commute.

I was supposed to leave for Florida today…  But couldn’t due to the not-unexpected death of my wife’s Grandmother.

But all is not lost.

We plan on leaving after the funeral tomorrow and heading down to Florida.  Since we will have the kids, our birding opportunities will be somewhat limited, but we do have plans to visit Merritt Island NWR, near the JFK Space Center and also Ding Darling NWR near Fort Myers (Where the Red Sox spend spring training).

I believe both the places we are staying have high speed Internet, so hopefully both Danika and I should be able to blog along the way.  We also have the Digital Camera ready to go and we have a good target list of species that we should have no trouble getting, even though several days will be spent in theme parks (good birds there too sometimes).

So keep checking back for updates, and for those who live in more northern climes, no the Redpolls have not left yet, but I’ll try and sneak a few migrants back north with me.


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