Busy Times…

Many of you have dropped me notes wondering where we disappeared to.  Just to let you all know we are fine.   Working for an Irish Museum in March, lets just say is very busy time of year.  Couple that with some other personal issues, and a new round of testing on my youngest daughter and well things are busy.

Danika is getting ready to join the blogging world, as soon as she can get a photograph of an Eastern Screech Owl that has been hanging out near our older daughters school.  I however will be quite busy of the next couple of days, one of the fall outs from the Elliot Spitzer scandal is that has but the NYS budget in question, since my Museum relies heavily on ‘pork-barrell funding’ to exist, we have been busy taking hard looks at our budget and communicating with our supporters in the New York State Legislature.  We should have a better idea of where things stand after David Paterson is sworn in as Governor on Monday only a few blocks from my office.  My gut (and our sources) tell us they expect everything to be OK, it will still be a nervous next couple of days.

Today both my worlds collided as I was the keynote speaker at the Irish Heritage Celebration held at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Headquarters in Albany.  I was happy to see quite a few bird watchers there, but this time the only ‘rarity’ they found was me!

Good Birding to All!

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