For the love of Chickens!

Ok.  I’ll be one of the first people to admit I like chickens.  They are fun to watch, humorous to listen to, especially that one rooster than never learns to crow properly.  The come in all different colors shapes and sizes and are an easy subject to study and photograph.

They are also tasty, but that’s another post.

But leave it to the Brits to take their love of chickens to the next level as the video link below from CNN will demonstrate.

Now putting aside morality and philosophic debate as to whether or not it is your responsibility to help a sick or injured animal, think of the plain old COST of treating a Chicken for cancer.  Seriously, how much additional time are you buying this creature?  Chickens don’t have long life spans to begin with, and even if cured, how productive of a life will this chicken have?  Is the cost worth the potential benefits?  I dunno…


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