Blog Changes Part II

You might have noticed some more changes recently.

Of course the snazzy badges on the side are nice and flashy (even if I haven’t gotten the one to size properly yet) and I’ve added some more blogs to the birding blogs (See previous post).  I’ve also removed all the classical and video game links and blogs.  They were not getting any use and were taking up space.

Essentially this blog is now about birds.  Sure other topics will crop up from time to time, especially those that deal with nature, but we will put our focus to birds.

Did you notice that?

I said “we”.

That’s right I’m proud to announce that my wife Danika will be joining The Nightjar as a contributor.  She is not only my partner in life, my birding partner (Since Corey abandoned me) she now gets to be my blog partner.  Of the two of us, she is the artist and photographer and she will be reworking many of her pictures from her website and moving them over here, so there will be a lot of new content, very soon (so keep checking back).  She must have over 1,000 bird images at the moment (most are crap, I’ll admit it), but she has a knack with photo editing software to take a blurry picture and turn it into art.

So it looks like The Nightjar is here to stay and from where I’m sitting, the future looks bright.  Thank you all for reading and linking and may our paths cross in a field someplace looking for birds…

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