Curt Schilling and Gaming

The big lug trading in the ‘Bloody Sock’ for Blood and Gore?  Apparently, Shilling who is a well known fan of video games (and who isn’t, if your not or think its ‘childish’ your missing out on some really cool stuff) is planning on going full time into gaming after he retires from Baseball (which should be this season, I hope).

Schilling is using his fledgling company 38 Studios and has partnered with author R.A. Salvatore and comic book genius Todd MacFarlane, to create a brand new Massively Multiplayer on-line game, which goes by the working title of ‘Copernicus’ 

“You don’t need sex and you don’t need blood to make a great game.” Schilling was quoted as saying.  And I couldn’t agree more.  I think when people are looking for games they are looking a good story, easy game-play and an adventure.  In many ways Video Games are now rivaling books in adventure, sometimes with more plot and certainly a lot more action!

Schilling reportedly plays Everquest 2, Tabula Rosa and of course World of Warcraft, to which I may be one of the few people who doesn’t play WOW (I play DnD On-line).  Schilling apparently was also taken with NBA 2k8 which he thought was pretty life like for a video Game.  I have often found the 2K series of sports games to be superior in graphics, but often lacking in satisfied game play.  Schilling reportedly wants to make a Baseball game, which I think I would be worth looking into.  Schilling last appeared on the cover of High-Heat Baseball 2003, which was the best baseball game that year.

I just hope that this new ‘venture’ while of interest to me, hopefully won’t distract from working out more in the off-season to prepare himself for the long baseball season.  I may be a gamer and am really interested to see what he produces, but I’m a die hard Red Sox fan first and between April 1 and October 31 (yes I know they are in Japan to start the season) he better only worry about baseball, after all we have a dynasty to build upon.

You can also visit Curt Schilling’s Blog at!

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