Obama For President

Last night as most of you are aware, was the first contest of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections.  Although many news outlets have used the term ‘upset’ or ‘surprise’ I did not think either result was.  Nearly all the polls (such as they are) showed Huckabee with strong support going in.  I was not surprised that Obama won, but I was surprise on how much he won by.

So the time has come to make an important announcement on this blog.

That The Nightjar endorses Barack Obama for President of the United States in 2008.


I have long been an Obama supporter (I did opt off the mailing list because I was getting tired of the constant e-mails for money) since he decided to run last year.  To me Obama has been the most passionate of the three front runners and it will take a lot of energy to fix what the current idiot has done.  Even though I have voted (twice now) for Hilary Clinton as my Senator from New York, I get the feeling she will say anything to get elected, plus I also think she has been around Washington too long.  Sure she might have the knowledge and experience on how things work in Washington, but every now and then you need someone to shake things up.  It’s good for government, it’s good for democracy.

This was not an easy choice, I share many of the same beliefs with Senator Edwards about the grip Corporations have on the nation and our people in general.  We need a very public champion of workers rights and the poor, but Edwards is not poor.  And though he ‘understands’ the plight of the poor, he does not face the daily misery that being poor is.  Edwards also opposes abortion.  I personally am against abortion, I do believe life is sacred, but I also believe strongly that the government has no right to outlaw abortion.  Abortion has been done by human beings since we have existed and will continue to do so, even if outlawed.  Plus I just don’t like Senator Edwards hair (Just Kidding).

Obama to me represents a moderate liberal view.  We need universal health care and it should be available to everyone, we need a higher minimum wage and a better standard of living for nearly 1/3 of all Americans.  Faith is OK, its your right, just don’t force your particular brand on those who don’t want it.  Abortion should be kept legal.  We are a nation of immigrants, we should welcome them.  Obama to me is the candidate who can bridge the gap between the rich and poor, black and white, north and south, Christians and everyone else.  I like that Obama will talk to ‘rogue’ nations, which will lead to reduce hostility, lower threats of terrorism and an increase to world stability.

Whoever finishes second in this contest I think will have a good chance at being the Vice Presidential candidate.  Obama/Edwards would be ideal, but I could see an Obama/Clinton ticket.  Either way, no matter who gets the nomination, they will crush any of the loony nut jobs from the Republican side.  I would love to see a Huckabee/Ron Paul ticket.  Wouldn’t you?

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2 responses to “Obama For President

  1. Will this be the kiss of death for Obama, your endorsement? IIRC, you back Dean as well, and look how that turned out. 😉

    And I would much prefer an Extremely Silly Party ticket of Paul and Kucinich. Lyndon Larouche never had it so good!

  2. Obama is very likable, and I may end up supporting him. Right now, though, I am still undecided. Generally I like Obama better on foreign policy and Edwards better on domestic policy, especially health care.

    By the way, Edwards is pro-choice and has a 100% rating with NARAL.

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