Help Me Win a Book!

Alright, all my loyal Nightjar readers, I’m calling you all to action!

I participated in a contest over at 10,000 Birds to write an essay in praise of one species, I chose House Sparrow because they may very well be our closest bird neighbors!

So go here and vote for my essay “In Praise of House Sparrows”, so vote early and often and from as many computers as possible (I encourage all of you to visit your local University computer centers and go station to station).  Come on now, I know we can do it!


One response to “Help Me Win a Book!

  1. Hey Mike, wandered over here from 10,000 birds… I just spent a great deal of time on Saturday drawing house sparrows. They are indeed beautiful. Especially the females. Seeing them next to white-crowns was interesting, too: very subtle differences in shape, all over.

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