Rainbow Six Vegas PS3

8 out of 10.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a bunch of Mexican terrorists took over Las Vegas?  Well neither have I, but someone has and that is the main plot of this game.

The single player is a great tense tactical shooter.  You are in command of 3 other soldiers as you slowly make your way through casinos, hotels and the busy strip.  This is the type of game which makes you look and use cover effectively, but the AI takes just as much cover.  It is impossible to ‘Rambo’ your way through this game.

Lack of save points is annoying, since some of the levels you are heavily out numbered.  Also I found the game to be a few levels too long, or at least some of the levels seemed to be sort of repetitive, which I feel distracted from the story.

Graphically this game looks great.  The environments are realistic and I found nearly no bugs (where people shoot through walls etc.).  The fact you can only take about 3-4 hits makes the game challenging, and you automatically regain health by simply resting, no annoying health packs to find.

Multi-player is weak, it should have been better.  I did not play the game on-line but I have read enough complaints about it, namely that it takes forever to get a game matched up and even longer to finish it, since the maps are so huge.  It does have a two player Co-op mode, but it is in my opinion strange.  You lose two guys while doing the campaign (just you and your friend, you lose the other two guys you get in single player) and there is no voice over or cut scenes in the co-op campaign.  In fact you have to manually load each level if you want to play the campaign through.  Which means you really lose out on a lot of the game in co-op mode.

Though the list of PS3 games is short, most of them are excellent.  Rainbow Six Vegas is a great weekend rental game, experienced shooters should have no trouble clearing through this game in a couple of days, perhaps less on co-op.  But while it looks good, plays good and is well worth playing, its replay value is quite low. 

8 out of 10.

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