Pine Grosbeak (Species #250 in NYS in 2007)

I’ll admit I was jealous of Corey from 10,000 Birds  post about Pine Grosbeaks  yesterday.  I couldn’t go, because Danika works on Saturdays and I have the kids.  But this morning I dragged Danika out of bed at the unearthly hour of 10am and we headed up to Partridge Run WMA in Southwestern Albany  County in search one bird species, Pine Grosbeak.

We arrived around 11:30am and the first pass through the intersection where they have been seen regularly showed nothing.  Making a second pass, Danika saw a couple of birds fly from a crab-apple tree across the road.  Getting out of the car, I quickly spotted atop a nearby spruce tree, a female Pine Grosbeak.  She still had a crab-apple in her beak.  She was joined by a second bird, before both flew off.  We didn’t get any pictures, but continued to explore the nearby area, but were happy with the brief looks.

Danika randomly stopped the car at one point and a few moments later a group of birds flew in and sure enough they were a flock of 7 Pine Grosbeaks and I was quickly able to find a male to show Danika.

We spent another hour or so photographing several different flocks.  It was hard to tell exactly how many individuals there were because the birds were moving around quite a bit, but at least a dozen birds is a good bet.  The best photos are below.  Incidentally this is the 250th bird species I have recorded in New York State this year (but Congratulations to Corey at 10,000 Birds  who went over 300 species for the year, today!)  Hope you had a great holiday and get ready for what should be an exciting Christmas Bird Count season!

Pine Grosbeak Male, Partridge Run WMA

Pine Grosbeak, Female, Partridge Run WMA

Pine Grosbeak, Male, Partridge Run WMA

Pine Grosbeak, Female, Patridge Run WMA

Pine Grosbeak, Male, Partridge Run WMA

Female Pine Grosbeaks, Partridge Run WMA


3 responses to “Pine Grosbeak (Species #250 in NYS in 2007)

  1. Will, a head’s up…Tom let me know those fruits are actually Mountain Ash (though I’m not sure if the pics are from the same tree you called crab-apple, as both occur up there).

    And congrats on getting the grosbeaks (finally!). Talk about a good bird for #250!

  2. Corey,

    The birds were found in both and you are right… The fruit in the pictures is Mountain Ash.

    Now I just gotta find another 50 species by December 31… Think it’s too late to find a Golden-winged Warbler?

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