Boston Red Sox 2007 World Champions

Okay I can do this now.  For most of the year I am a baseball fan.  I don’t get too high or too low during the season because its just another game and then there is always tomorrow. 

But when the regular season ends and if the Red Sox are involved.  The monster in me comes out.  Normal mild mannered me gets a mouth like a trucker, remotes have been known to fly and kids are thankful their bedtimes are at 8:30pm the same time as many of the games first pitch.

I am a proud member of Red Sox Nation (I won’t pay Jerry Remy to get a card however) and now for the second time in four years (something previously only done in video games) the Red Sox are World Champions.

Unlike 2004 this win was not earth shattering.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it… eventually.  The three game sweep of the Angels was brilliant, fun to watch, never in doubt.  The Game 1 drubbing of the Indians in the ALCS was good as well, but Games 2, 3 and 4 left myself and many other Red Sox fans a bit bewildered that this team had disappeared.  But unlike Red Sox teams of yore, you get the feeling its not over until its over.  Beckett through a gem in Game 5, The Red Sox bats came alive in Game 6 and Dice K was just good enough to hold the Indians down long enough for Dustin Pedroia to hit a Home Run to open up the game late in Game 7.

Sure the Rockies were the Cinderella team, they had won 21 of 22 to get to the World Series, they had looked as dominate as a team that couldn’t hit could look, their pitching survived because their opposition swung way too much.  But still, they had won 21 of 22.  Game 1 was going to be important.

In Game 1, Beckett strikes out the side in the first, Pedroia leads off the bottom of the 1st with a Home Run.  Game Over.  Sox win big 13-1.  Even Eric Gagne pitches in with a perfect ninth, including a strikeout (the first French-Canadian to win a World Series).

Game 2 Schilling gets by, Lowell gets a timely double and the Pap-ajima show takes over, with Matt Holliday the likely NL MVP getting picked off 1st base (and I mean picked off) as the tying run in the 8th inning.

Game 3 goes to Colorado, where the Rockies had been really tough.  The Sox lose the DH so Big Papi, David Ortiz has to play the field.  Kevin Youklis who had been scorching has to sit.  Pedroia and Ellsbury rock the Rockies and Dice-K pitches well again, ends up giving up 2 runs (thank you Javy Lopez) but makes up for it was a 2 run single.

Game 4 was tight, Jon Lester pitched his heart out, but Aaron Cook did so as well.  Lowell Homers to make it 3-0 in the 7th.  Hawpe homers off Delcarman in the 7th to make it 3-1.  Bobby Kielty takes the first pitch he sees in his only World Series AB and promptly hits it into the left field seats.  4-1.  Okajima in, he looked tired and hung a pitch to Garrett Atkins who knocks it out.  4-3.  Francona pulls him, Papelbon will need 5 outs.

While all this is happening, Alex Rodriguez is not content to have the light shine somewhere else, has his agent Scott Boras call Fox’s Ken Rosenthal to announce that A-Rod will opt out of his contract.  This was pointless to the game at hand and a distraction since Joe Buck droned on and on about it, it also made for some really stupid and tactless questions to Mike Lowell when he was named MVP.

Papelbon gets through the 8th the Red Sox go quietly in the 9th.  First guy up in the bottom of the 9th is Torrealba.  Not a guy you want to make a mistake with, but not a good hitter either.  He grounds to Pedroia.  1 out.  Next up is little Jamie Carroll, the back-up infielder, seems like a mis-match on paper, but then Carroll gets a hold of a Papelbon fastball and boom!  A deep drive to Left Field, Ellsbury makes the catch with his back against the wall.  WHEW! 2 outs.  Next up is Seth Smith, pinch hitting.  Papelbon blows him away and the unthinkable has happened.  The Red Sox have won yet another world title.

I haven’t seen Papelbon dance yet, but Beckett said he was going to help.  Supposedly its going to happen on the rolling rally through Boston tomorrow on the duck boats.  This isn’t 2004, but the thrill of winning is still good and will last until a new team is the winner.

And to all the Yankee fans out there….

 Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

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