The incredible, edible, Chicken!

This past Saturday I went birding.  To make a short story, even shorter, I didn’t see much.  It could have been the American Kestrel that was hanging out in the fields or perhaps it was the thunderstorm and pouring rain about 45 minutes after I started that kept the ‘wild’ birds out of sight and out of mind.

However there was one active group of birds, those being the Chickens my father in-law raises.  Now for all you squeemish people out there, these chickens have one purpose in life, to become the star attraction at Sunday dinner.  That being said, they are well cared for, kept clean and healthy.  Since nothing else was going on, I decided to make these birds the stars for the day (and make my wife Danika very happy, she loves chickens).  So enjoy the following pictures and eat beef tonight.

Chicken 1

Chicken 2

Chicken 3

Chickens 4

Chickens 5

Chicken 6

Chicken 7


6 responses to “The incredible, edible, Chicken!

  1. The chickens were purchased from a hatchery for their hardy breeds and large brown egg quality. It was what they call a raindow varity, and contained an assortment of Buff Orphingtons, Jersey Giants, Road Island Reds, Barred (Plymouth) Rocks, and some Marans which come in many different colors.

  2. They had a dozen or more Guinea Fowl, but something got all but 2 of them. They had thought they were lucky because they had one male and one female and could help to regenerate the flock a bit. The female laid a huge clutch of eggs (over 20 I think) and shortly after that the male went MIA. A Few weeks later the female went MIA. Hard to tell what got them, I”m guessing Great-Horned Owl.

    What my pictures don’t show is that there has been a Cooper’s Hawk which sits on a limb over the cage every morning and watches the Chickens. He/she doesnt’ get to do this very long before the local band of American Crows or Common Ravens appear to drive it off.

    Thus my father-in-law is afraid to let his chickens become free range, because he actually wants to eat more Chicken this fall than the local hawks.

  3. Hi, i was wondering if the white chicken is a rooster or a hen, because i own a chicken identical to that of the picture and cannot distinguish whether it is male or female.

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