A Green Day

While the unofficial last day of summer was the day before, Corey and I decided to try and look for some more fall migrants at Five Rivers EEC.

We met after work, which meant a late start and less than ideal time.  We started out down the Beaver Trail where we had an Eastern Phoebe and some more common birds.  Further down the trail we walked out onto the deck which over looks the pond and saw the pond was weed filled.  However dozens of Cedar Waxwings were busy flycatcher over the water.  Perhaps the most beautiful of North American birds, it was only out done by its abundance.

We continued down the trail failing to find many birds (and honestly doing more talking than bird watching.  bird watchers are perhaps the worst gossipers), on the way back the Beaver Trail wanders through a small creek and marsh next to the pond.  Here we flushed a Great Blue Heron which flew away from us, but there was a young Green Heron which decided to stand its ground. 

Green Heron

Other than a few Black-capped Chickadees and many more Cedar Waxwings, we found little else.

Crossing the road and working our way to the Teachers Resource Center, we had to keep an eye out, because the Cedar Waxwings were not.  Many nearly flew into both of us eagerly (and hungerly) chasing bugs.  After crossing the bridge, we picked up both Red-breasted and White-breasted Nuthatches and I heard a ‘smack’ call.  After a few moments of searching, we discovered the culprit, a nice fall Black-throated Green Warbler.  Some spishing and this warbler became very cooperative to photograph.

Black-throated-green Warbler

 We have a jumper !

The rest of the walk was very quiet and uneventful.  Corey did manage to spot a Lincoln’s Sparrow on the Wild Turkey Trail, but that was about it.

While fall can be just as productive as spring when it comes to total species, you have to hit things perfectly.  This time of year when there are no birds, there really are no birds.


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