Boston Red Sox Birthdays!

Michael Cinquanti wrote a book entitled “A Year’s Worth of Boston Red Sox Birthdays”.  And while it doesn’t list every player who has played for the Red Sox it has quite a few.

Today’s Date, August 30:  Is none other than Ted William who was born in 1918.

My birthday, February 9:  Vic Wertz (b. 1925) who the Sox got in 1958 in a trade involving the crazy Jimmy Piersall.  He is most famous for his flyball out in the 1954 World Series, which Willie Mays tracked down in the depths of the Polo Grounds.

My daughter Lillian shares January 18 with Mike Fornieles, a Cuban pitcher who lead the AL in Saves in 1960 with 14.

Corey From 10,000 Birds  shares Feburay 2 with (and he will get a kick out this) John Tudor of Schenectady, New York!  Left handed Pitcher for the Sox he is better known for his days with the St. Louis Cardinals.

My father Konrad shares February 18 with John Valentin a solid infielder for the Sox in the 1990’s.

My other daughter Sophia shares her birthday May 17 will Billy Hoeft, a left handed reliever for the Sox in the 1950’s.

My wife Danika shares her birthday, May 27 with Mark Clear, another reliever who pitched for the Sox in the early 1980’s.

My mother Patricia shares he birthday, August 2 with one of the Red Sox greatest pitchers of all time, Time Wakefield!  However I don’t know who throws harder, my mother or Wakefield….

My brother Josh of Armchair Everything, shares his October 24 birthday with Jack Russell, who lost 91 games for the Red Sox over his first 6 season in the 1920’s.  In 1933 Washington turned him into a reliever and he had slightly better numbers.  His career mark was 85-141 with 38 Saves.

Other important dates:

January 1:  Al Stokes, backup catcher 1925-1926

February 14:  John Marzano, another backup Catcher

December 25:  Rickey Henderson, the all-time stolen base king who was in the twlight of his career when he played for Boston.

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3 responses to “Boston Red Sox Birthdays!

  1. I didn’t know that John Tudor was from Schenectady or that I shared my Groundhog Day birthday with him. Do you know if he still lives around here?

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