Are You Kidding Me?

 Here are some numbers taken from a news article I found posted on the Troy, NY Record.

12.3% of our nation lives below the poverty line

The mean US income is $48,200, normally with two people working, that breaks down further to $24,100 per person or roughly $12 per hour.

47 Million (roughly 15%) of the nation does not have any health insurance, most of them Children.

Makes you proud to be an American knowing that 1 out of every 10 people is poor and has no health care and the federal government does little to help. Look around your office, look around the mall.  Count to 10 people remember that one of them is poor.  In my opinion that is one too many.

The sad news is that the government is touting this as an improvement (the poverty rate went from 12.6% to 12.3%). Which is a joke.


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