1916 Irish Uprising On-line Exhibit

For those of you who are interested, there is a great on-line exhibit full of information on the famous 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland.  This exhibit was produced by the National Library of Ireland and is one of the best thus far that I have read.

The 1916 Easter Rebellion has been dubbed by some an ‘academic’ rebellion.  The leaders were largely teachers, who had a great fondness for traditional Irish language and culture.  They joined forces with militant labor groups such as James Connolly’s Citizen Army and the rest is history.

This exhibit also examines some of the lesser known people in the rebellion, a day by day account and lots of newspaper clippings and pictures to satisfy anyone interested in history.

The exhibit can be found here:


According to the website, there are plans for Yeates exhibit to come on-line soon, which if it is anything like the 1916 exhibit, should be well worth the read.

Also of interest is another site dedicated to the Irish at War:


This site has a lot of great pictures and pdf files of the inscriptions of each monument (many of them translated).  Anyone with a keen history of World War I or the Anglo-Irish War will be very interested in this site.  There are also some plaques from the 1798 Rebellion as well as few from the famine era.


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