Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, PS3

6 out of 10

Fans of any kind of hack-n-slash game should enjoy this game for the Playstation 3.  The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is good as well.  Essentially it is you versus the bad guys, something is wrong in the land and you got to fix it!

It doesn’t take long to level and get real powerful, real quick.  Won’t be too long before you are a tank running through the game smashing bad guys left and right.  With a nice assortment of special attacks, spells and frequent saves (and health restores) the game flows well.  The story is weak, but that’s not why you are playing.

This game is ideal for two players, and if you go by the old saying that two is better than one, this game is no exception.  With two human players you will be able to crush the game is quite possibly one sitting, even on the hardest level.  Despite it’s ease, it is still rather fun.

The biggest issue with the game is the camera, which absolutely SUCKS!  Time after time your character (along with a whole group of bad guys) will simply vanish underneath a tree.  All you will be able to see is a whole group of orange health bars, but nothing else until you move your character into the open.  At other times the camera points you in the wrong direction or is simply a pain in the rear.

Camera aside, the game is a lot better than I think most people made it out to be.  Fans of the Baldur’s Gate series on the PS2 or X-Box (not the much better PC versions) or of the Champion’s of Norrath series, not only will enjoy this game, but already know how to play!  The control schemes are easy to learn and its the kind of game that you will be playing and playing well, quickly after getting it home.  I don’t suggest you buy this game, unless you can get it real cheap, but it is worth renting.  You can certainly beat this game in five days and if you can’t… Well you should find something else to do with your time other than play video games.

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