The Bigs: PS3

I have to admit that when I walked into Hollywood Video the other day looking for a game to rent I was very skeptical of 2k sports newest baseball game The Bigs.  Obviously the message has gotten across to the folks at 2k sports, their ‘serious’ baseball games play like an arcade game, this time they didn’t even try and hide, this is a pure arcade game.

Taking the game at that level (pure arcade) it’s actually quite fun.  The exhibition games were quick and fun, the rookie mode was particularly fun and reminded me a lot of Virtual Tennis for the Sega Dreamcast, where you went all over the place and had a number of challenges.  Of course the game gets surreal at times.  For example, I once beat the Texas Rangers in Fenway in a 3 inning game, 41-0.  It just got easy to figure out.

The best feature of the game is the power ups, which when you get your ‘big play meter’ full you can either crush a ball out of the park or throw a blazing fastball past the batter.  It gets interesting if you both try and power up at the same time as the winner of the battle, will automatically get another full meter, while the loser, well loses.

Graphically the game looks good, but there are few animations, which means after a few games you have seen everything the game has to offer.  Many of aspects of the game play the same way.  A nice feature is that after accomplishing certain tasks you can steal players from other teams (your roster starts with 15 players, so you can steal a total of 10).  So you can build your own dream team.

I didn’t go on-line with the game, but reviews that I have read have been very poor.  This is a type of game you play with a friend next to you, it’s not something you will be playing a hundred times on-line.  Because the game has little depth, I don’t even suggest buying the game, this one is a renter as in 5 days you have a good chance of beating the game completely, or at least beating it as much as you can stand.

Besides and exhibition mode and the rookie mode where you build up your player by completing tasks, there is a Home Run Derby which looks exactly like the one in Major League Baseball 2k7, there is also a pinball mode in Times Square, where you play as the hitter and hit the ball towards targets to score points.  This part was particularly fun, but needed more locations and a two player mode.

This is a fun game briefly, as it doesn’t have long term playability and a lack of new or exciting features, makes this game look like a cheap spin-off of Major League Baseball 2k7.

 5 out of 10.

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