Bonds #756

Congratulations to Barry Bonds hitting number #756.  Aaron had his troubles breaking the record because he was black, Bonds has his own demons to battle.  Bonds crushed this historic ball into the deepest part of the park off a left handed pitcher, this was no cheap Home Run.

Now a lot will be made that Bud Selig was not there, but Bud Selig has to be one of the most useless Baseball leaders since Fay Vincent, but I think the more telling people there two hall of famers,  Frank Robinson and Willie Mays spoke more than Bud would have, the best part of the night and perhaps more unsuspecting was the video message from Hank Aaron.  I’m sure people will try and read into the meaning that Aaron sent a video message as opposed to trying to be there in person, but Aaron played the class act and did something as even he knows you can’t prove someone guilty through the Media.

Bonds will likely retire after this season, so I don’t have a problem with them trying to make sure that he hit #756 in San Francisco.  Barry is old and can’t play every day in the NL, besides the Giants have got nothing to play for this season.  Judging by the way so many blogs quickly reported their venom after he hit the historic Home Run, people were watching, even those who don’t like him.  The park was full, flash bulbs errupted every time he swung a young 22 year old mets fan at the park during a one day layover on his way to Australia gets tickets on a whim and catches the ball.  Love him or hate him, people respect the game and the record.  But now it’s over, but hey don’t fret the way A-Rod has been playing it will only be a few years before he blows by Bonds and this will all be forgotten.

Congratulations Barry Bonds on Hitting Home Run #756!

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