Bird Quiz: Name that bird in Sweedish!

Okay here is a little quiz to get those brains thinking.  The following is a list of bird species that ALL occur in Northeastern North America and they are from all seasons.  However, I am going to give you the Sweedish names for each of the birds.  Now I don’t know a lick of Sweedish, so don’t ask me how you say it.  The rules are simple.  Post your answers in the comments section and in a couple of days, I’ll post the answer.  Now if you know Sweedish this should be easy, for the rest of you it might take some thinking.  Good Luck!

1.  Islom, 2. Tjocknabbad dopping, 3. Kanadagas, 4. Snatterand, 5. Islandsknipa, 6. Fjallvrak, 7. Fiskgjuse, 8. Pilgrimsfalk, 9. Skrikstrandpipare, 10. Svartnabbad skrattmas, 11. Vandringstrast, 12. Varfagel, 13. Korp, 14. Stare, 15. Graspav, 16. Rodogd vireo, 17. Grasiska, 18. Bandelkorsnabb, 19. Tallbit, 20. Gulgumpad Skogssangare, 21. Vithalsad sparv, 22. Brokig Kardinal, 23. Baltimoretrupial, 24. Messangare, 25. Beigekindad skogastrast


5 responses to “Bird Quiz: Name that bird in Sweedish!

  1. Wow… fun quiz…

    5. Wilson’s Snipe?
    9. Least Sandpiper?
    16. Red-eyed Vireo?
    19. Great Blue Heron (it’s “Tall”)
    22. Northern Cardinal?
    23. Baltimore Oriole?
    24. Common Merg?

  2. Well you got two: 16. Is in fact Red-Eyed Vireo and 23. is Baltimore Oriole.

    As for the others. #5 Swims, #9 right tree wrong branch, #19 not even close, #24 Shares a similar trait to Orioles…

  3. oooh, a chance to practice my swedish! Little tougher without the ä å ö though..

    1) Common Loon
    2) Pied-billed Grebe
    3) Canada Goose (just say it out loud)
    4) ?? some sort of duck?
    5) Goldeneye, probably Barrow’s
    6) Rough-legged Hawk
    7) Osprey (Fisk=fish, Fish hawk)
    8) Peregrine Falcon (pilgrim and peregrine mean the same thing)
    9) Killdeer (although I like the name Shrieking Sandpiper better)
    10) Black-headed Gull
    11) American Robin (Wandering Thrush is a nice name too)
    12) Shrike (likely Northern)
    13) Common Raven (nice onomatopoetic name)
    14) European Starling
    15) ??
    16) Red-eyed Vireo (figured out above)
    17) Redpoll
    18) WW Crossbill
    19) Pine Grosbeak
    20) Yellow-rumped Warbler (Gulgumpad is fun to say)
    21) White-throated Sparrow?
    22) Rose-breasted Grodbeak (or breasted cardinal)
    23) Baltimore Oriole (as above)
    24) Parula
    25) Swainson’s Thrush

  4. Well I be darned, someone got by my quiz!

    #4 you were very close… Gadwall
    #5 is a Barrow’s Goldeneye
    #10 is tricky, the Sweedish is literal, but the bird is a Bonaparte’s Gull
    #12 is a Northern Shrike
    #15 is everyone’s favorite bird House Sparrow!
    #17 is Common Redpoll
    #20 I’m sure had everyone thinking… Gulgumpad somehow seems like a more fitting name for this species.
    #21 is White-Throated Sparrow

    Everything else you got correct. And your reward NB is an all expense paid trip to the web site of the National Tourism Board of Sweeden! Just click below to begin… Enjoy!

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