Baseball A Good Clean Sport

Who would have thunk it?  Baseball looking like the most honest sport in the land right now.  I mean think about it, Michael Vick announced that his new agent is Cruela DeVille and has hired Pac Man Jones and Tank Johnson to be secruity for his new Puppy ‘training’ Center.

The NBA has gotten caught double dribbling (or did they?) and no matter how much David Stern sticks to his lone gunman theory, I think time will show that the issues run deep in the NBA, the least of which is an abusrd number of ultra rich players who barely graduated high school.  These guys can barely function living on their own, let alone be given multi-million dollar contracts and certainly the image of the NBA has been hurt by that.

The NHL since the lock out has been half the sport it used to be.  Sure the rule changes have made the games faster and more exciting to watch, but the essence of the game has changed.  Too many teams have followed the all important dollar and have moved to unnatural hockey cities, like Tampa Bay, Phoenix and Anahiem, while true hockey fans in Winnipeg, Hartford and Quebec City have lost interest.  It will take time for the hockey wounds to heal, if at all.

Some would argue that Golf is pure.  So be it.  Golf is boring unless you are playing it and although they have tried to mix it up a bit, it is still a white aristocratic sport.

That leaves only Baseball.  But wait!  What about all those nasty steroid rumors?  Well one issue is how widespread was the use of steroids.  It appears it was quite widespread for awhile, but I think was never being used by more than 25% players at any one time.  And just as many pitchers have been caught using steroids as hitters, so I don’t feel that hitters had an unfair advantage.

As Barry Bonds gets closer to breaking Hank Aarons all time Home Run record, we should applaud.  He has been subjected to a trial in the media, perhaps unfairly.  Some would argue its because of his skin color, but I don’t buy it.  They may sit a Grand Jury from now until doomsday and still not file one charge against Bonds.  I would view things differently if more former teammates or managers had stepped forward and say his a liar.  If more people have been willing to go before the Grand Jury and say Bonds used steroids.  But that hasn’t happened… Yet.   Now there is a chance that everyone is being tight lipped and it is some sort of large baseball conspiracy or and perhaps more likely, there is nothing there.

Bonds has done himself no favors with the media who hate him anyway.  Without any proof that Bonds has done anything wrong, how we can as a nation, as baseball fans not support his accomplishments.  There may be a time in the future, where I may have to eat my words, but for now I wish the media would shut up and enjoy the moment.  Bonds will hit 2 more Home Runs in his career and we should be proud of a guy who played long and proudctive while staying healthy.  Sure like most players he missed time due to injury and might have already passed this mark a year or two ago.  But such is life.

Now with all the negative media towards Bonds, it looks like his reign as the all time homr run king will be short lived.  Look at A-Rod who is ready to pass 500 Home Runs and who is nearly 13 years younger than Bonds.  That means that if Bonds was to never hit another Home Run, A-Rod would have to average only 20 home runs a year to pass 756.  If A-Rod stays healthy, which he has to this point, he very well may be the first playher to 1,000 Career Home Runs, to do that he has to average about 38 Home Runs per season the rest of his career.  Not out of the realm of the possible and yet A-Rod is viewed a ‘pure’ because he has no steroid rumors flying around him.  But if or when A-Rod passes Bonds, anything Bonds did will be forgotten.  It won’t matter anymore.  He will join the Hall of Fame with the other bad boys of baseball.  As the years go by, his deeds will be forgotten even more and only in the future will be able to fully appreciate what a truly great ballplayer Barry Bonds was.


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