The Return of Bruce Campbell

This afternoon I finally got my chance to watch my DVR version of the preimere of Burn Notice on USA network.  It first off stars one of my favorite actors Jeffery Donovan of Touching Evil fame (another show the didn’t last long).  But had no clue that one of my heros was in the show as well.

Bruce Campbell.  The guy made a name for himself with the cult movie Army of Darkness which put new meaning into a blue light special.  Since then he has bounced around quite a bit, doing a variety of roles.  One of his best roles was a show in the early 1990’s on Fox called The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.  15 years later and I still can’t get enough.  He was also a regular on Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess and briefly had his own spin off show.

Over the last few years he has spent more time behind the camera, than in front of it, so when he did come on the screen, it took me a moment to recongnize him.  He’s a bit older and bit heavier than in his earlier days (happens to everyone), but his new character Sam, is a good fit.  He plays the friend helping to right a wronged spy, while at the same time finding ways to work things to his advantage.  Classic Bruce Campbell stuff.

After watching the first show, it think this one has a chance to survive.  All you Bruce Campbell fans out there should check it out, Thursday nights on USA.

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3 responses to “The Return of Bruce Campbell

  1. Saw this the other night. It’s good for a USA show, and should last at least a while. I’m suprised you haven;t seen Bruce in the Old Spice commercials, especially the one where he covers Duran Duran’s “Hungry like a wolf.” Oh, and let’s not forget his starring role as Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep.

  2. Yes I have seen him in the Old Spice Commercials and I have not seen Bubba-Ho-Tep, but did know he was in it. I think the show has got pretty good staying power, especially for a ‘summer’ series.

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