Like The Phoenix, the PS3 rises from the ashes, stronger…

When I got home from work today, the only mail in the mail box was my Game Informer Magazine.  Normally I don’t pay much attention to anything written in the Magazine.  It is owned by GameStop and they like to hype things up for sales, one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t buy anything from EB Games or GameStop, they are as big of a player in the inflation of the price of gaming as any of the companies.  But I digress…

There is an article in this month’s issue entitled ‘Is the PS3 Dead’?  It’s been six months since the launch of the PS3 and the media has been quick to try and kill the system… But the numbers argue differently.

 The PS3 sold 902,000 Units during it’s first three months.  Doesn’t seem like a lot?  Well the X-Box 360 ‘only’ sold around 854,000.  This just shows that there are just as many PS3s out there as there were X-Boxes at the same time, so clearly there is no favorite.  The article also notes that despite the ‘poor’ showing by Sony, the PS3 has out sold both the PSone and PS2 systems after 3 months.

Now 3 months means nothing, but I think it shows that the death of the PS3 was completely over exaggerated.  X-Box fans can like their systems, all of the ones they will go through…  I have owned a PS3 now for over 3 months and have logged a lot of gaming hours (too many to be exact) and have had exactly zero crashes.  Sure there are not very many good games out there right now, but then again neither did the 360 for nearly a year.  It wasn’t until Gears of War came out last November that the 360 finally produced something interesting.  This fall, a whole slew of games are due out for the PS3 which should help to really drive sales, the least of which will be a new Final Fantasy.

This data, coupled with the announcement from Blockbuster that they will no longer carry HD DVD in favour of Blue-Ray, have been major blows to the 360.  But don’t worry that system isn’t going anywhere.  Microsoft just couldn’t land that knock out punch.  There is no price difference between the two systems, other than you pay for it all up front with the PS3 as opposed to piece meal with the 360. 

Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t see into the future to see how exactly things play out.  You might have also noticed that I didn’t discuss the Wii here…  Though the system is wildly popular amongst casual gamers, it is by and large a ‘second’ system, a system people have in addition to a Playstation or X-box.  It also doesn’t compete in the technology department, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now matter what system you own or play, enjoy it.  That is ultimately why you bought one.  X-box people need to calm down, at worst it’s going to be a tie between X-box and Sony.  X-box will continue to dominate the First Person Shooter and Sports market, Playstation will have much better RPG’s and there will be a lot out for both and it won’t make one difference which system you play it on.

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