In Support of Barry Bonds

In response to my brothers post on his blog Armchair Everything,  I have to say I support Barry Bonds.

Unless someone, anyone can actually provide evidence that would hold up in court that this guy actually used steroids, lay off him.  Bonds has had a great career and is poised to become the greatest home run hitter in Major League Baseball history.   Bud Selig needs to make his reservation where-ever Bonds breaks Aarons record, unless of course he has information that makes Bonds a fraud.  Even if Bonds used Steroids, they don’t give you hand eye coordination needed to successfully hit home runs.  Sure the added strength may have given him a few more home runs, but if he breaks Aarons record by say 20 home runs, I think it will be a moot point.

I feel that the media and nearly everyone has an opinion on Bonds.  Mostly all I hear is rumors and other sophomoric taunts.  Bonds never did like the media much and so they don’t like him.  He no longer is in the players union (which is why you will find no baseball game out there with his name) and he has a personality of a skunk.  But the man can hit and lets not forget that.  Dice-K yesterday after facing Bonds for the first time said he had ‘an Aura about him’.  Pretty high praise.  If the guy can’t hit, why do teams walk him so much?  If he had any protection in that line-up (the Giants are the second oldest team all-time, only losing to last years Giants) he would have already passed Aaron.

The rules of baseball and the conduct expected of the players has changed from decade to decade.  I don’t view Bonda any differently than other jerks in Baseball.  Ty Cobb was a racist as they came.  Babe Ruth would never have made in New York with today’s media.  Ted Williams hated the media in Boston and didn’t reconcile until long after his career was over in 1999.  Because Bonds isn’t a media darling, they are quick to make him a villain.  It will take years after Bonds stops playing, before we get to fully understand and appreciate one of the greatest hitters of all time.

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8 responses to “In Support of Barry Bonds

  1. I do agree that Selig needs to be there when/if Bonds breaks Aaron’s record. He doesn’t have to conradulate Barry, or do anything else, but he should be there. The truly telling thing here is that Hank Aaron will not be there, and has no intention of changing his mind.

    Now, as for steroids and hitting, no they don’t help you hit the ball. But the increased muscle mass will turn long fly ball outs into HR, and turn some ground balls and line drives into hits that would otherwise be outs. To try and say otherwise is just an attempt (intentional or not) of minimizing the impact of such drugs on the game, and completely ignores the health effects, as it tries to change the nature of the discussion.

    I’ve watched Barry Bonds play since he was a rookie in Pittsburgh. The Barry of the Pirates is much different than the Barry of the Giants. Not just physically (which is unnatural), but in terms of his attitude and personality.

    I only adovocated Barry’s suspension if he is indicted on perjury charges, a felony. If he’s not indicted, then there is no cause to suspend him, unless there’s some sort of major revelation on the steroids front (which I highly doubt).

  2. My argument is, how many Home Runs can you really attribute to steroids? Like I said if he passes Aaron by 20 Home Runs I think it’s a moot point. Plus Ken Rosenthal said on yesterday’s Fox Game that if in time more players said they used steroids (McGwire, Sosa, Palmerio, Cecil Fielder) than Bonds was on a level playing field. It isn’t performance enhancing if everyone else is using them as well.

  3. I’m an admitted Bonds hater for all the reasons you mention above and I’d be willing to bet my left nut that he is/has taken steroids. The proof I need is my 1987 Topps Bonds card. He was a skinny kid back then. No one gets as huge as he and McGwire got without some help. Weights and personal trainers can take you only so far. Ask any pro wrestler. And Big Mac all but admitted he did it a few years back in his classic “We’re not here to talk about that.” statements at those congressional hearings.

    As for the record, it’s inevitable that he will break it. Even if Mac, Sosa, Palmeiro, etc. were all doing roids too, that doesn’t put Bonds on a level playing field with Hank Aaron (unless he was doing it too, and who knows?). Then again, you can make arguments for better modern pitching to sway the argument in Bonds’ favor I guess. Regardless, I’m a stubborn bastard and if it is ever proven that he did steroids, he should be removed from the record books. Cheating is cheating regardless of who else is doing it.

  4. I’m with you, Will. Bonds is a phenomenon no matter what lengths one might go to detract from his prowess. Plus, with all the emphasis on how steroids might influence hitting, few are willing to acknowledge that pitchers can juice too.

    Baseball, like any sport, isn’t about personality. It’s about accomplishments. Bonds has the numbers and the aura. He is simply the greatest home run hitter of our day, at least until A-rod claims the record. We cannot go back and retroactively alter the record books every time we discover something we don’t like about a player’s performance enhancements (like Babe Ruth plying drunk or that pitcher who threw a no-hitter on acid.) Significant achievements in baseball occur over an entire career and Bonds has had a hell of one.

  5. It was Dock Ellis of the Pirates that pitched the no-hitter against the Padres in 1970 while on acid.

    I once bowled a strike when I was drunk.

    And Barry’s a jerk but innocent until proven guilty…who doesn’t blow up a bit as they get older? 🙂

  6. Oh just becuase I’m feeling a bit of an itch to debate..
    You can effective “discount” 10-15 HR per year for the steroid types, at least while they are on ‘roids. So, for Barry to “honestly” break the record, he’d have to surpass Aaron by 70-150 HR to cover the inflation.
    And Rosenthal is an idiot. So what if Big Mac, Sosa, et al were doing it too. That doesn’t make it a level playing field. If every player in MLB, on all levels were doing ‘roids, then it would be a “level playing field.” Otherwise, it’s just some players trying to get an edge for whatever reason (glory, money, or self importance).

  7. Holy crap, I need to learn more about this Dock Ellis thing. That’s a new one for me. On a somewhat related topic. I was in B&N yesterday and I saw Jayson Stark’s new book about the most overrated and underrated players of all time. It was interesting. I don’t have the title handy and I’m too lazy to look it up. Bonds isn’t mentioned in it though.

  8. Dime to a dollar bonds did steroids and for that reason I will never put him above Aaron and him surpassing his record means nothing, base ball has gone downhill in the last twenty years and no one should make that much money for playing any sport. The majority of the players are snobs because of the money and that is why all sports are crooked.

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