Pigeon For Prime Minister?

There was a great article in today’s Globe and Mail in Toronto on how Parliament Hill in Ottawa has gone to the birds.

I can’t get over the relaxed nature of Canadian Government, some would say it’s a hopeless flaw, to me I think it is a virtue.  In my only trip through Ottawa I made a couple of wrong turns and ended up stopped at a red light, less than 20′ from the Parliament building.  Try doing that in Washington, DC.  If you managed to get that close with a car, you would be shot, because obviously you are a terrorist.  Not in Canada.

But returning to the issue at hand, I think the Canadian Government could spend a little money and get some screens for the windows.  Pigeons flying around inside?  Raccoons at night?  Get in once, shame on you, get in twice, we are idiots.  But I think it’s also interesting to note that the windows in this government building open and are not shut for security reasons.  It would be interesting to see if people who work in the building in Canada get sick less than people in the U.S. due to breathing in less recirculated air.  Anyway, have a good weekend and enjoy the Pigeons on Parliament Hill!


One response to “Pigeon For Prime Minister?

  1. Interesting thoughts. I wonder if there’s a study of how many days people call in sick who work in these buildings?

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