Video Game Thursday: Railroad Tycoon II, For PC

It’s old, I know, but good…. 7 out of 10.

All Aboard one addictive game!  Railroad Tycoon II for PC is in my opinion one the ideal PC games.  It’s easy, fun and cheap and everyone of all ages can enjoy.  The whole idea behind the game as like most commercial empire games, is to start a railroad company, make lots of money and push your competition out of the way.

There are several different game modes.  There is a campaign mode, which essentially sets of a series of maps and goals to achieve, each one as you may guess gets increasingly harder.  There are also just scenario’s or free games, essentially you pick the map, the number of computer players (if any) and the level of difficulty and you are off and running.  The campaign I have found fun, but very easy to finish.  I personally far more enjoy the solo games (without computer opponents) then I can set personal goals and try to achieve them.  The fun part is you never play the same map the same way twice.  The user interface is good and nearly everyone can quickly begin playing the game well.

The graphics are old at this point (you can find the game on ebay for about $1, plus there are two newer versions out, Railroad Tycoon III and Trains!), but do not distract at all from the game.  The main drawback to the game?  You have to like trains and not just trains, you have to like to build buildings, lay track, manager finances and the like.  Most of all, you have to like watching for hours, little trains running on little tracks from station to station on your computer screen.  I personally have always like model trains, so this game is essentially a computer version of that.  I do not like train spotting, I think it’s dumb, but to each his own.

Because this game is so old at this point, it may prove to be quite difficult to get your hands on.  However if you do, you will certainly get your money’s worth, just don’t pay more than a buck!

If there is a game YOU want to see reviewed, pop it into the comments section and I’ll see what I can do. 

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