The New Cold War?

Here was an interesting article in today’s Toronto Globe and Mail:

“Putin Threatens to Target Europe With Missiles”

Vlad Putin is a good old Communist dictator kind of guy.  When I talk about Russia with other people I draw a lot of comparisons to Germany in the Late 1920’s and Early 1930’s.  Both nations were humiliated at the hands of Western powers (funny, Germany is now a ‘Western’ power).  Both nations had severe economic problems, both had democracies which slowly reverted to dictatorships.  Both had strong leaders who played on their people’s nationalistic hopes.  In the case of Germany, millions would die over the course of World War II.  What does the future hold for Putin and Russia?  With a Moron in the White house for another 18 months, anything is possible.  Hopefully, he won’t kill the rest of us in the process.


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