Quebec Budget Impass

Keep your eyes north of the border, where the minority Liberal government lead by the quickly plummeting Jean Charest is on the verge of collapsing again.  The Liberals want a $950 million (Canadian) tax cut which would primarily target the middle class (what’s left of it).  The ADQ and PQ parties want to see increased funding to health care and education.  Obviously you can’t cut taxes and increase spending, it doesn’t work.  Currently the Liberals are in negotiations with the PQ to try and reach some sort of middle ground.  The PQ is reeling from it’s worst defeat at the polls in decades, but is poised to make a big time comeback with a new leader.  The PQ talks a good game in the defense of Education and health care, but if they are put in charge, the Quebec Independence Movement will become another national crisis in Canada.  It all comes to a vote tomorrow, if the budget is approved there will be no election.  If the budget isn’t approved, an election is likely for July, less than 4 months after the last election.  Charest seems determined to go down fighting, and though only 48 years old, theselast two governments have all but crushed his hopes of one day running for Prime Minister.  Current polls show the Liberals in 3rd place, a place they have never been in Quebec, and a reason why party leaders have been pressuring Charest to negotiate with the other parties.  Charest however appears to be firm in wanting the tax cut and looks prepared to bring his cause directly to the voters.


2 responses to “Quebec Budget Impass

  1. It’s Quebec. This is nothing new. Besides, if they hold an election in July, they’ll have to put up a polling station in Wildwood, NJ, as that’s where several thousand FC’s will be…

  2. True, but I think more importantly if a snap election is held in Quebec it would likely help to bring about a federal election, which I think none of the parties are ready for.

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