T-Minus 100 and Counting

With the Yankees throwing another stinker west of the border in Toronto and the Red Sox holding on against Cleveland in Boston, it puts the Red Sox magic number to eliminate the Yankees at 100.  That means that any combination of 100 Red Sox wins or Yankee loses and the Red Sox win the division.  This means that the Yankees 10 year AL East division championship run (we won’t talk about the tie in 05) is almost at an end.  Now before you Yankee fans get your knickers in too much of a bunch, yes I am well aware that the Red Sox had a big lead and lost it in 1978 and Yes, I know Bucky F. Dent hit a home run to win the division in the one game playoff.  Yes, I remember Aaron Boone hitting his Home Run off Wakefield in 2003. 

But let me say this…. Why didn’t Joe Torre pitch out with Dave Roberts on 1st in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS?  Everyone in the universe knew he was going to steal second.  A pitch out and throw out at second and Yanks sweep, but such is life.

Still 100 games to go and anything could happen, but with each Yankee loss and each Red Sox win, that number gets a little smaller and smaller.  And even if the Yankees do come back and somehow manage to play 23 games better than the Red Sox down the stretch, I will at least get to have fun in the short term listening to John Sterling (Theeee Yankeeees Suck!) Susan Waldman (who is she sleeping with in the Yankees organization to get that job) and Michael Kaye (who right now is sobbing uncontrollably somewhere), whine and whimper.  It has been most enjoyable and at least for the next two weeks will continue to be fun.

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