A Not So Scientific Baseball Universe

For reasons only known to me, I will in these pages chronicle a baseball simulation.  This is not scientific, it is likely not even that accurate, but mostly it will be fun to see what happens and for me to have a little fun writing.

I will be using MLB 07 The Show for Playstation 3.  I will be doing a single season mode and because I have to, I will be the ‘hands-off’ GM of a random team.  I will set the computer to make all roster and game decisions and I will simulate in one month intervals until September and October to help better Chronicle the division races and playoffs.  Since games like this tend to throw up a lot of strange stuff it should be an interesting experiment, and who knows?  Maybe it will accurately predict the World Series Champion for 2007 (Note to Yankee fans:  Keep dreaming).

Why am I doing this?  For purely entertainment purposes and since I will likely never be a beat sports writer, this is as close as I’m going to get.

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