Video Game Thursday: MLB 07 The Show PS3

After months and months of waiting, and also months and months of wasting time playing Major League Baseball 2K7, MLB 07 The Show finally was released on May 15, 2007 for the PS3 (It had already been out for the PS2 and PSP).

Ahhhhhh.  Finally a baseball game with good game-play.  Sure the graphics are not as good as 2k7 (Though you can play MLB 07 in1080 and actually get to see everything) and I find the commentators in MLB to be less soothing to the ear than Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, MLB 07 The Show hands down, crushes Major League Baseball 2k7 when it comes to gameplay.

That is not to say the game is perfect, lots of strange and odd-ball things always happen, baserunners are brain dead and fielders take the most outrageous routes to catch and field batted balls.  The game makes minimal effort to use the motion sensing on the six-axis controller (and thankfully you can set it to classic mode and not even bother).  Hitting and Pitching are nearly the same as last years game, although I think the feel of the pitching mode is improved.  The Adaptive Pitching Intelligence is a neat way to just pitch, the Catcher doesn’t call that bad of game although it is fastball heavy.

The game modes are the same as last year.  Franchise, season, exhibition etc.  The biggest change was in the Career mode, where they added a new feature Road to the Show.   It is essentially the same as the classic Career Mode (also included in the Game).  But has many (sometimes annoying) in game goals (Strike a hitter out, get ahead in the count, induce a groundball, swing away etc.)  But I have found it really disrupts the flow of the game at times.  Also you only get to control your player, which can get very frustrating as a pitcher watching your defense screw everything up, but then again I guess that’s what being a pitcher in the major leagues is all about.  If you are playing as a position player, you also get to make all your player’s fielding attempts, from the perspective of your position.  If in the outfield, this can get difficult to find the ball, but all in all it works.

There is something for every baseball fan in MLB 07 The Show and with a variety of settings you can tailor the game to any desire or skill level.  In the future I would like to see an improvement of the player graphics (Although I think the crowd looks good this year).  The game runs fast and smooth, although load times between games is rather long.  If you are choosing between MLB 07 The Show and Major League Baseball 2k7, there is no competition, go with The Show, but like any sports game which will have no value in less than a year, is it worth the $60 bucks?  That my friend is up to you.

8 out of 10.

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